ScreenSkills - Case Study

FinanSys leads SunSystems upgrade

for a leading UK creative skills organisation


ScreenSkills is the industry-led skills body for the screen industries – film, television (including children’s, unscripted and high-end), VFX (visual effects), animation, and games.

The charity-screen organisation supports economic recovery and future innovation and growth across the nations and regions by investing in the skilled and inclusive workforce who are critical to the UK screen industries’ global success.

Established in 1991, ScreenSkills provides insight, career development, and other opportunities to help people get into the industry and progress within it.

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ScreenSkills have been using Infor SunSystems for a long time. However, they were utilising an older version, SunSystems 5.4, which was no longer being actively developed by Infor.

This presented a number of issues associated with the older version including an unsupported underlying technology environment to not being able to purchase new users. With this, the organisation knew it was time to upgrade to SunSystems 6.

To upgrade, they approached their existing solution provider for a quotation. But given the level of expense as quoted by the provider, the organisation went out to the market to ensure they were getting the best value and service.

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Following a short call with FinanSys, a competitive quotation was provided saving ScreenSkills over 25% in comparison to their first quotation.

Immediately, the organisation knew FinanSys was the right team to work with on the upgrade.

As part of the upgrade, ScreenSkills also wanted to modernise their procurement processes and implement a modern, cost-effective solution to automate their previously manual approval processes.

Benefits of SunSystems with FinanSys

How FinanSys Made the Difference

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With lots of improvements, new functionality, and enhancements in Sun 6, ScreenSkills have noted that they have benefited immensely from the upgrade.

According to the team lead, Devendra Patel:

We have vastly benefited from SunSystems 6.3 being cloud-based. We are now able to take advantage of the functionality to access the system via the web.

And when asked about working with FinanSys, the team said this:

Very smooth, no issues at all. We chose FinanSys because of the add-on integrated Purchase Order/Invoices/Expenses system with SunSystems. We were not able to find one system with other suppliers and at a reasonable cost. FinanSys were able to provide very efficient daily support and consultancy. Issues were resolved in a timely manner.

Benefits of FinanSys’ process automations for SunSystems

ScreenSkills chose FinanSys’ process automation solution for SunSystems as it provided several benefits, including:

  • Seamless integration of Purchase Orders, invoices and expenses and the related documents into SunSystems
  • Live posting of Purchase Order as commitments into SunSystems
  • User-friendly and easily able to roll out to users outside of the finance department
  • Process automations can easily be added to our needs, in line with our policies
  • Web-based — no need to worry about access when outside of the office
  • Mobile access functionality to enter and approve on the go
  • Hierarchy authorisation matrix/delegation is flexible to adapt to users’ needs
  • Custom reports from within the process automation platform
  • Outstanding tasks reminders from the system
  • The ability to create your own apps within the workspace

This process automation project was brilliantly managed by FinanSys; the consultants were very good at understanding our requirements and very engaged in the project. The FinanSys team was able to deliver everything we had requested,” said ScreenSkills.

The Overall Experience with FinanSys

Commenting on their experience with FinanSys throughout the project, the team leader from ScreenSkills said:

This was the most appropriate decision that we took in terms of quality of the system, support and costs. We would definitely recommend FinanSys to other organisations that use Sun and want to integrate process automations of PO/Invoices/Expenses. Very engaging accounts manager.

SunSystems Key Features

  • Multi-currency and multi-language support for effortless global expansion
  • Advanced multi-company setup with support for multiple charts of account structure
  • Seamless integration with other business systems you’re already using
  • Powerful reporting and analysis capabilities
  • High-level automation that cuts approvals and processes from days to minutes
  • Cloud deployment and on-premise support
  • On-demand financial planning and fast financial close
  • Online purchasing and employee expenses with flexible approvals
  • Streamlined budgeting, forecasting, and planning data from stakeholders and other operational systems

What are the next steps?

  1. Get in touch with us to schedule a call
  2. We will listen to your requirements and discuss how FinanSys can help
  3. We will then present you with a tailored demonstration and quotation

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Why FinanSys Stands Out

    • An agile and personal approach to customer service
    • 22+ years of experience
    • 200+ implementations of SunSystems in 36 countries
    • Dedicated public training courses for the SunSystems community
    • Highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community
  • FinanSys has been operating for over 25+ years
  • Highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community with a combined experience of over 100 years
  • By purchasing SunSystems Cloud or NetSuite through FinanSys you will get a 1:1 license of FinanSys Apps at no additional cost
  • Our dedication to quality service and customer satisfaction can be seen in our impressive 93% customer renewal rate
  • 200+ implementations of SunSystems in 36 countries
  • Extensive training and consultancy available

SunSystems Awards and Recognitions

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