The Crane Resort

The Crane Resort

SunSystems Upgrades

How Gold Channel Partner, FinanSys, led the upgrade for one of Barbados’ leading luxury resorts


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The Crane Resort is the oldest continuously operating luxury resort in Barbados. Established in 1887 with 250 plus rooms, The Crane chose FinanSys as their partner to assist them in a SunSystems upgrade bringing them from SunSystems Version 4 on to the latest version of SunSystems at the time, 6.3.

Kelly-Ann Cyrus, Hotel Controller, and Vernon Pooler, Accounts Supervisor, discussed the necessity to upgrade and their experiences working with FinanSys.


The technological advancements of the past decade were the precursor for change as the finance team were keen to improve the efficiency of their reporting.

Accounts Supervisor, Vernon, commented, “Sun 4 was also causing a number of compatibility issues with the other programmes we run but most worryingly we were becoming more and more reliant on an older version of Excel.”

“We had gotten so used to the old version, that we thought it would take a long time to get used to a new system. However, when we saw what the new version had to offer it was an easy decision to upgrade.”

Kelly concluded, “Business continuity was a key factor in the decision to upgrade and it was something that the team saw as the bigger picture too, so they were all for it, even those who had been using version 4 for 10 plus years.

A modern look and feel to the system means it is now easier to use, the reporting in Q&A has saved a lot of time. Kelly-Ann Cyrus - Hotel Controller

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Benefits of SunSystems with FinanSys

SunSystems Key Features

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The Benefits

A noticable benefit that was qucikly recognised “was the modern look and feel” as Kelly states, referring to the systems refreshed user interface. The user friendly adaptation meant that the system became easier to navigate. Not only were the previous compatibility issues resolved but as Vernon Pooler stated, “There were a number of other benefits that were revealed during the actual upgrade process and training which we are very pleased about.”

Key Features

More efficient processes – SunSystems 6.3 is more intuitive and designed to remove unnecessary steps from a number of key processes, as Kelly explained, “The whole system just seems more automated than version 4.3, so this has removed a lot of laborious work.”

Integration with other systems – SunSystems 6.3 was designed to enhance and strengthen its integration capabilities much more than previous versions of the software. This allows for 6.3 to be integrated more readily alongside other applications, which can save time and resources, boosting performance as a result.

SunSystems with FinanSys

Concluding their overall experience with FinanSys and the upgrade process, Kelly said she was “Very happy from the start, the approach to the project was done clinically, everything was by the book”, with Vernon adding “The consultant was excellent, and was involved in every stage of the upgrade.” When asked if they would recommend FinanSys, Kelly responded with “A resounding yes.”

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