FinanSys Bank Payments

FinanSys Bank Payments

Streamline Your Online Bank Payments and Save Time with FinanSys

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Save time processing your online bank payments

SunSystems’ payment run functionality outputs a file from the payment run process, however, most banks require their own file format for uploading into their online portal.

The file formats can differ depending on the bank and types of payments you process.

We’ve designed a simple, affordable solution that can take the output file from SunSystems and convert it into a format suitable for uploading to your online banking portal. The solution supports the majority of banks.

The benefits of FinanSys Bank Payments include:

  • Save time – high transaction volumes can take hours of time to rekey the details to make payments.
  • Reduce mistakes – rekeying payments into your online banking introduces the risk of mistakes and potential typos being made.
  • Improve efficiency – automated processes streamline payment workflows, allowing for quicker and more efficient transaction handling.
  • Increase accuracy – automated systems minimise human error, ensuring that payment details are accurate and reducing the need for corrections and reconciliations.
  • Facilitate compliance – built-in compliance checks help ensure that all transactions adhere to relevant financial regulations and standards.

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Payments in SunSystems

If you are not already using the payment run process in SunSystems, you can save a great deal of time through:

  • Generating a list of payments to be made based on payment terms
  • Once finalised, SunSystems can make the relevant ledger postings to the bank account and allocate the transactions as paid
  • Remittances can be optionally generated for email
  • FinanSys Bank Payments can generate a file for upload to your bank
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