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An accounting solution that supports you

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An accounting solution that supports you

The role of a Management Accountant can vary from one organisation to another; however, a financial management system that aids your day-to-day duties can be key in supporting you and your organisation’s access to timely and accurate data. SunSystems with FinanSys can help you:

Quickly produce management and statutory reports

Through the user-friendly reporting tools, you can easily produce and structure your management reporting pack and statutory reports. With a direct live link to Excel, you can get up and running quickly with minimal training.

Analyse variances and budgets

Explore your data with powerful drill-through, breakout and expand functionality which allows you to: view the detail behind the headline figures with ease, create a single report and automate the production of sub-reports e.g. a profit and loss by cost centre, project, employee etc.

Budgets can be collected and stored for comparison at a transactional level of detail – allowing you to better analyse and annotate deviations.

Streamline data reconciliation

Utilise core system functionality to automate the reconciliation of bank accounts and inter-company accounts. Automate the import of data from other business systems via a batch upload or a live link, reducing the need to reconcile data from other systems.

Track and depreciate fixed assets
Manage assets within your accounting system, including budgets, status, disposals and automated depreciation using a variety of support methods.

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SunSystems plays a massive role within the organisation, we couldn’t function without it. We’re able to produce reports for each fund by region, project, applicant, and phase which is key for us and SunSystems allows us to do this with ease
Salix Finance,

Spend less time on manual tasks

Automate prepayments/accruals
SunSystems allows you to automate sophisticated allocation functions to re-distribute financial data, such as costs or revenue, and spread transactions across periods. Accruals for goods and services you have received but have not been billed can also be automated from SunSystems’ purchasing.

Why FinanSys is different

  • Only UK partner with a full focus on SunSystems.
  • 25+ years of experience.
  • 200+ implementations of SunSystems in 36 countries.
  • Dedicated public training courses for theSunSystems community.
  • Highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community.
  • Agile and personal approach to customer service.

Accurately track tax
A comprehensive tax engine comes as standard and can automatically perform calculations, post transactions to specified tax accounts and handle more complex arrangements such as partial VAT and withholding tax.

Prepare for year-end
Transition seamlessly from one period to the next without having to perform any period close function within the software. Carry out standard year-end reporting, transfers and adjustments while posting into the next period. Limit users’ ability to post to previous periods using comprehensive security functionality, which can cater to restricting accounts and periods per user with a complete audit trail.