NetSuite CRM Partner Relationship Management

NetSuite CRM Partner Relationship Management

Gives you the tools to drive real-time collaborative channel management.

NetSuite’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) gives you the tools to drive real-time collaborative channel management, with full control over every element of the partner-focused sales and marketing process, including lead management, sales forecasting, order processing, joint marketing campaigns, pipeline management, and partner commissions and royalties. 

As a fully integrated PRM system, the tool empowers partner management teams to quickly establish a flow of data that enables profitable relationships between your organization and partners. You’ll equip them with the tools and real-time information needed to achieve mutual objectives. 

You will benefit from real-time visibility across the entire partner marketing and sales process—from opportunity, to order, to commission—helping your company to cultivate an educated, enabled and productive channel that dramatically expands revenue and market opportunities. 


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NetSuite Partner Relationship Management delivers integrated functionality in the following areas: 

  • Lead management: NetSuite’s PRM enables vendors and partners to track partner leads and referrals within a single application, with built-in analytics to evaluate lead generation volume, conversion rates and ROI by lead source. 


  • Campaigns and promotional discounts: NetSuite’s PRM supplies a collaborative environment to set up promotions and discounts, as well as analyse key marketing data, including leads, closed sales and ROI from joint marketing. 


  • Commissions management: Vendors can calculate partner commissions based on the same parameters as employees, such as commission on sales, quantity, inventory, profitability, inventory total profit, and more.
  • Sales tracking and order management: Partners get the ability to place and track orders themselves and access up-to-the-minute volume and negotiated pricing, helping ensure pricing accuracy while minimising manual work by the vendor’s sales and support teams. 


  • Forecasting: Users have accurate up-to-the-minute partner sales forecasts that include the projected amount of sale, probability of close and weighted amount of each transaction providing visibility into potential revenue at each phase of the sales cycle. 


  • Sales and marketing library: Vendors can empower partners with on-demand access to a full library of sales and marketing resources, such as marketing collateral, competitive selling guides, presentations, product fact sheets and other sales tools. 

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