NetSuite SuiteCommerce CRM Module 

NetSuite SuiteCommerce CRM Module 

The NetSuite SuiteCommerce CRM Module runs as an integral part of your commerce platform – providing a 360-degree view of each customer from all channels and touchpoints. This means everyone who interfaces with the customer — sales, support and service — has access to real-time customer data. 

The CRM module eliminates silos while giving you unprecedented visibility into your customers’ browsing and shopping activities. With this, you can deliver a personalised and engaging shopping experience and build customer loyalty with your brand. 

Once you’ve garnered a full understanding of customers’ preferences and interactions — and combine them with powerful information management software in a single platform — you can use the data to meet and exceed customer expectations by combining each of your department’s data. 


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Key Benefits of the NetSuite SuiteCommerce CRM Module

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  • Access a single view of a customer across all channels for seamless visibility into all online, in-store and call-centre transactions and interactions 
  • Build rich customer profiles based on behaviours and interactions — share with sales, marketing and support personnel 
  • Create target segments for highly focused, personalised upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions 
  • Understand your customers’ true lifetime value — including the ability to quantify promotional and marketing costs as well as product margin 
  • Reduce service costs while improving customer satisfaction and retention 
  • Create an accurate, well-managed single view of your customer data 
  • Build buyer personas and profiles and distribute them to your teams 
  • Improve the targeting of your marketing campaigns 
  • Lower your costs by providing consistent customer services 

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