NetSuite Product Content Management 

Product Content Management 

The Product Content Management module gives businesses the tools needed to consolidate and centrally manage both structured and unstructured product data and attributes across all sales channels from one central platform. 

Structured and unstructured product data are critical in running a successful eCommerce business; plus, a single, holistic view of this data is important. 

Product information is integrated across all systems and processes, rather than simply being collected from siloed product information management (PIM) or product content management (PCM) systems. 

With this tool, you can improve customer experiences and increase company agility and efficiency by leveraging product data in a consistent manner across all channels. 

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Key Benefits

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  • Give your team access to consistent product data, gathered from across all channels and made available in a single source of truth to maximize productivity. 
  • Manage product data and qualities across all channels and from a single location. 
  • Manage product attributes including categorization, multi-currency pricing, promotion eligibility, languages, regions, and marketing content in a simplified process. 
  • Create and manage a wide range of product data in vendor, supplier, and customer database systems.
  • Keep track of up-to-date inventory levels, pricing information, product content, and offers.
  • In a single system protected by secure role-based access control, you can manage and administer your partner, affiliate, syndication, dealer/reseller sites and applications.
  • Manage your product’s metadata. 

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