Infor SunSystems for Not-for-Profits

Accounting software for charities trusted by thousands of organisations

Charities and not-for-profit organisations face multiple challenges when it comes to financial management. For one, they have to organise their financials in the most efficient way to reduce administrative costs of delivering the best possible service to their beneficiaries. At the same time, they must provide full transparency with regards to their financials (including providing complex reporting to fulfill donor requirements). 

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Additionally, they have to integrate different projects and offices with different local and international accounting and reporting requirements.

Needless to say, it has never been easy to manage any of these operations — until now.

SunSystems provides organisations with the tools to meet the various requirements of donors, beneficiaries, and employees, whilst demonstrating efficient use of grants and funds.

With unmatched functionalities for easily creating dynamic reports, integrating multiple systems, and managing multiple currencies, languages, and offices, any not-for-profit organisation can benefit from SunSystems’ array of features no matter their size or the complexity of their requirements.

SunSystems Feature Highlights

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  • Analysis that fits you: SunSystems allows you to easily track expenses and donations, fund type, project, cost centre, donor, and custom analysis throughout your organisation with no need for technical knowledge or IT assistance

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  • Streamline integration: seamlessly integrate with other operational systems (including CRM, donation, membership, ticketing, payroll, and banking)

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  • SORP 2015 compliant: SunSystems allows you to equip your organisation with automated SORP compliant reporting to meet your individual reporting requirements

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  • Easily track purchases and expenses: tight control of non-salary spend is important in every charity. SunSystems allows you to monitor this spending and ensure it remains within budget

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  • Partial VAT: VAT and partial exemption gets complicated, which is why SunSystems support unlimited rates and automated partial VAT recovery

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  • Complex multi-company/currency setup: the structure of not-for-profit organisations is often complex. SunSystems handles unlimited currencies with multiple base/reporting currencies and unlimited companies as standard.

SunSystems allows you to track budget by project, compare to actuals, and create donor and grant reports. Staff can access critical data from anywhere and view databases at the same time, which allows everyone to always work with the most up-to-date information.