SunSystems Cloud

SunSystems Cloud

Experience the power of a true multi-tenant cloud platform

SunSystems Cloud is a powerful and secure SaaS solution designed to help organisations manage their financial operations and data more efficiently.

With its innovative multi-tenant cloud platform, SunSystems Cloud provides the benefits of an agile and cost-effective operational model. By offering scalability and a secure environment, organisations can benefit from technology that simplifies financial operations and eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments.

With its comprehensive suite of modules and features, SunSystems Cloud offers end-to-end financial management capabilities that are intuitive and easy to use.

Its unified platform allows organisations to integrate, automate and manage all their financial operations from one centralised system, providing a comprehensive view of their finances across the entire organisation.

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Access a sophisticated Operating System at no extra cost

Users of SunSystems Cloud have access to Infor OS (Operating System), a sophisticated cloud operating platform for the future, designed to bring productivity, business processes and artificial intelligence together. Infor OS provides businesses with operational insights that were never accessible.

The platform delivers technology that not only enables your business but drives it. It unifies your entire business ecosystem, resulting in a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders, unifying your business.

It gives your business access to an intelligent digital assistant for advice and feedback, automation of multi-step and complex tasks, and AI transparency.

Infor OS also boasts a full suite of tools such as Infor Workflow (intelligent process automation), Infor ION (3rd party systems with Infor business software integration), Infor Ming.le (communication platform), Infor Data Lake (data management), and Infor Document Management (centralised storage of business documents).

Added benefits in cost-savings, faster deployment time, and access to data

SunSystems Cloud makes it easy for companies of any size to get up and running with SunSystems quickly and easily, without requiring large upfront investments in infrastructure or software licences. Its unique architecture enables fast scalability, resulting in low cloud management costs and improved overall performance.

With an intuitive interface, SunSystems Cloud requires low IT skills to operate. Also, with its rapid deployment time, businesses can start using SunSystems much faster than before.

With SunSystems Cloud, companies can now access their financial data from anywhere and at any time, without worry or hassle. The platform is designed to be fully compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations so customers can have peace of mind when it comes to their data.

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Making the Switch is Easy

Whether you are a new business looking for a tried and tested financial management system to handle your finances, or an established organisation that’s been using SunSystems for years, SunSystems Cloud provides an intuitive and integrated platform for managing financial processes and streamlining business operations.

It is the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations, reduce operational costs and gain access to powerful features.

Make the switch today and enjoy the power of a true cloud-based financial management platform.

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