SunSystems Cloud

SunSystems Cloud

Experience the power of a true multi-tenant cloud platform

SunSystems Cloud is a powerful and secure SaaS solution designed to help organisations manage their financial operations and data more efficiently.

With its innovative multi-tenant cloud platform, SunSystems Cloud provides the benefits of an agile and cost-effective operational model. By offering scalability and a secure environment, organisations can benefit from technology that simplifies financial operations and eliminates the need for expensive hardware investments.

With its comprehensive suite of modules and features, SunSystems Cloud offers end-to-end financial management capabilities that are intuitive and easy to use.

Its unified platform allows organisations to integrate, automate and manage all their financial operations from one centralised system, providing a comprehensive view of their finances across the entire organisation.

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Why subscribe to SunSystems cloud via FinanSys?

If you are considering SunSystems Cloud then you can receive all the benefits of UniFi on a 1:1 licence basis at no additional cost.

With the UniFi subscription, you will receive a variety of features and apps, including Procurement, Time & Expense Management, HR, Enterprise Asset Management, Making Tax Digital, and Business Intelligence (to name a few).  

This is a great benefit for SunSystems users who typically have to purchase and implement various third-party software to meet these needs – you get all the features and apps for free.

This offer from FinanSys provides a cost-effective solution for organisations looking to enhance SunSystems Cloud, accelerate their go-live, automate their processes, strengthen their reporting capabilities, and fulfil organisation-wide connected requirements.  

UniFi is an all-in-one solution that facilitates a limitless number of use cases at no extra cost. Making FinanSys the most affordable provider of SunSystems Cloud.  

Find out why UniFi was created here. 

You get free access to all features:

Easily create business applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface and process engine. Customise it your way and manage everything from your own tasks to departmental collaboration to overarching organisational needs.

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Streamline, monitor, and optimise your business processes with ease. Map out your process flows, automate tasks, and move work faster while saving time and money.

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Remove repetitive and manual tasks from your team’s activities with UniFi powerful automation technology.

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Eliminate manual accounting tasks with UniFi. Automatically send accounting transactions to your finance system by using our Accounting Automation software to capture accounting data at the origination of the process and send journals to your finance system automatically.

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UniFi middleware and integration engine lets you connect all your systems to enable the controlled movement of data between them.

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Create any report format in Excel and use our add-in to automatically retrieve data from FinanSys – real time. You can also send data from Excel into UniFi.

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Manage tasks and get a bird’s eye view of performance with our intuitive Work OS. Make better decisions faster and improve productivity across the board.

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Build and tailor your ideal workflows for the applications you’ve created or for other applications outside of UniFi. Enhance your workflows with powerful automation, integrations, custom views, powerful reporting with full business intelligence, and more.

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Gain real-time visibility of your business performance with data from all your systems in one place. Bridge data silos and stay on top of things with valuable, actionable insights.

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Automate how documents are distributed, assigned, or approved at the click of a button. Store all your documents electronically and easily connect documents to your external systems, workflows or attach to any stage of the process.

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Pre-installed Foundation Apps are Apps built by the experts at FinanSys for key business requirements. We regularly launch new Foundation Apps for our platform at no extra cost.

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Machine Learning services that can easily be added to your applications. Providing you with the ultimate platform to benefit from Artificial Intelligence.

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Easily apply AI services to any field in an application to imitate human behaviour. Providing you with more time to help your organisation grow with UniFi.

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What’s New In SunSystems Cloud?

SunSystems Cloud comes with exciting new benefits for users, including

Automatic Monthly Updates

SunSystems Cloud comes with new automated monthly scheduled updates.

With this, you will always be on the latest version of SunSystems with regular patches, bug fixes, and the latest features.

No longer do you need to wait for your in-house team or Partner to run database upgrades, as they will now be automatically applied in the background, ensuring you and your team always enjoy the latest and greatest of Sun.

Access to 3 Servers

With SunSystems Cloud, you now have access to three servers, ensuring that future development won’t impact users in a live environment. This means that your financial management will continue to operate smoothly, even during times of change.

24/7 Cloud Maintenance and Support

With SunSystems Cloud, your cloud environment is being maintained and supported 24/7 by a team of experts. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe and secure and that you have immediate access to support if needed.

Access to All SunSystems Modules for One Price

Say hello to all-inclusive subscription pricing with SunSystems Cloud.

In previous versions, customers only received the core system upon purchasing SunSystems, and if they required additional modules, they had to pay for them separately.

However, with SunSystems Cloud, all modules are included in one price.

Now you can have the whole kit and caboodle for one subscription fee.

With SunSystems Cloud, each named user is granted access to a bundle of modules that includes:

  • Foundation including all core SunSystems languages
  • UI Reporting Integration
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Query & Analysis (formerly Vision)
  • Extended Analysis
  • Fixed Asset Management (Asset Register)
  • Corporate Allocations and Intercompany
  • Sales Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Infor OS (including Infor Document Management, Workflow, Alerts, IFS, Portal, ION and Ming.le)

The cost of a subscription to SunSystems Cloud is based on the number of named users requiring access (not concurrent users as was the case for earlier on-premises deployments).

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Access a sophisticated Operating System at no extra cost

Users of SunSystems Cloud have access to Infor OS (Operating System), a sophisticated cloud operating platform for the future, designed to bring productivity, business processes and artificial intelligence together. Infor OS provides businesses with operational insights that were never accessible.

The platform delivers technology that not only enables your business but drives it. It unifies your entire business ecosystem, resulting in a connected, intelligent network that automates, anticipates, predicts, and informs your stakeholders, unifying your business.

It gives your business access to an intelligent digital assistant for advice and feedback, automation of multi-step and complex tasks, and AI transparency.

Infor OS also boasts a full suite of tools such as Infor Workflow (intelligent process automation), Infor ION (3rd party systems with Infor business software integration), Infor Ming.le (communication platform), Infor Data Lake (data management), and Infor Document Management (centralised storage of business documents).

Added benefits in cost-savings, faster deployment time, and access to data

SunSystems Cloud makes it easy for companies of any size to get up and running with SunSystems quickly and easily, without requiring large upfront investments in infrastructure or software licences. Its unique architecture enables fast scalability, resulting in low cloud management costs and improved overall performance.

With an intuitive interface, SunSystems Cloud requires low IT skills to operate. Also, with its rapid deployment time, businesses can start using SunSystems much faster than before.

With SunSystems Cloud, companies can now access their financial data from anywhere and at any time, without worry or hassle. The platform is designed to be fully compliant with the latest industry standards and regulations so customers can have peace of mind when it comes to their data.

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Multi-tenant Infor Query & Analysis

SunSystems Cloud comes with a multi-tenant version of Infor Query & Analysis, the powerful reporting module for SunSystems.

Infor Q&A allows finance teams to quickly create and run their own reports through an intuitive report designer, without the need for advanced technical skills.

Management at all levels of your organisation can be given access to the real-time information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions. Q&A provides a top-down view of your entire organisation, helping make business intelligence and reporting timely, easier and more accurate.

Infor Q&A integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, providing intuitive desktop reporting. And because the software is integrated with Excel, users can get up and running quickly with minimal training and technical skill.

Also, as it is self-service, users can get information on demand, without relying on the IT department for data.

Main changes in Q&A in the new MT cloud solution

  • User roles are now controlled in Ming.le via Infor Federation Services (IFS)
  • Enhanced Report Designer capabilities
  • DataSend functionality utilises API rather than SunSystems Connect (SSC)
  • Migration facilities available for Q&A 10, Q&A 11 and SunSystems v4 DataLink

Important Upgrade Notice 

If you are currently running an older version of SunSystems (v4, v5, v6.1, v6.2) you run the risk of using a system version that may no longer be continually developed.

Patch set releases to fix bugs and system issues may be less frequent or may have been stopped altogether, increasing risk.

With many IT teams looking to upgrade business infrastructure, the current server systems in use (that SunSystems runs on) may be coming to an end, such as SQL Server 2012 R2.

Compatibility between SunSystems and server versions is key to ensuring business continuity.

To avoid risks and disruption, discuss what an upgrade means for your organisation with our team today.

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Making the Switch is Easy

Whether you are a new business looking for a tried and tested financial management system to handle your finances, or an established organisation that’s been using SunSystems for years, SunSystems Cloud provides an intuitive and integrated platform for managing financial processes and streamlining business operations.

It is the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations, reduce operational costs and gain access to powerful features.

Make the switch today and enjoy the power of a true cloud-based financial management platform.

If you need a quick comparison of subscription costs, FinanSys can provide a quote for you for a more complete picture.

Talk To Us About SunSystems Cloud

Note: Infor SunSystems is still available to implement on-premises. Please contact us for details of on-premises pricing.

Book a call with us today to discuss how you can harness the financial management benefits that SunSystems offers

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