FinanSys Cloud Support

FinanSys Cloud Support

FinanSys Cloud Support

Remote support and meetings for assistance. The software allows access to your computer to diagnose and fix any issues.

You can access this via your web browser or by configuring the Citrix Receiver on local computer. Client operating systems supported by FinanSys Cloud are:

  1. Windows 7 and above
  2. Mac OSX
  3. Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  4. Android 4.x and above (smartphones and tablets)

Please ensure you have your FinanSys Cloud login credentials (username and password) available before continuing.

Login here or by clicking the “Customer Login” button. Click the Box to agree to the license agreement once read, and click Install.Click “Run”, the “Start” and read the license agreement before clicking to accept it, and then “Next”. Do not click the “Enable Single Sign-on” box, and then click “Next”.

Finally, choose “No, Thanks” to joining the Citrix Customer Experience Improvement Program, and then “Install”. The installation will take a little time to complete.

Login here or by clicking the “Customer Login” button. Enter your allocated username and password. You should then see Favourites, Desktops and Apps, and you can use published applications by clicking “Apps”. If prompted, click “Allow” to allow Citrix to run, and click to not show the warning again. Go through the same process if prompted to allow access to your computer.

New features enable running Published Apps or Published Desktops without accessing the FinanSys Cloud Services Portal. Login to the Portal as per the web instructions above, and once logged in, click your username and then “Activate”, then when the dialogue box appears, click “Open”. Next, click “Add” before entering your username and password. Once the Citrix Receiver has been activated, Apps and Desktops can be run without a browser. As long as you are online, you just need to double-click on the Citrix Receiver icon in your task tray.

Users can now place Applications or Published Desktop Items directly within their start menu or on their desktop. You will need to install the Citrix Receiver, as described above. To configure this, run it from your task tray – you may need to put in your login details. Add Apps or Desktops to your favourites as desired. These can be removed at any time. Adding these as favourites automatically adds the icon in the start menu and desktop.

Login in the Customer Portal, and once logged in, click on your username on the top-right. Click “Change Password”. Click “Continue”, then enter your current password. Type your new password twice to confirm and click “OK”.

Occasionally, an issue may occur using the usual method, we FinanSys provides a Secondary Access Point. To use this, simply go to and use your normal login details.

For existing customers, if you’ve been directed here by our support team, you can download TeamViewer below:

You can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page for further information.

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