Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

HxGN EAM (formerly Infor EAM) is Hexagon’s best-in-class, SaaS-based asset management solution for tracking assets, digitalising maintenance operations, and enabling customers in nearly any industry to reach optimum operational efficiency.

This powerful enterprise asset management system streamlines an organisation’s preventative maintenance process, condition monitoring and asset reliability. As a result, organisations that use HxGN EAM software see increased uptime for their assets.

Hexagon EAM software is used by some of the world’s largest companies across various industries, including Energy/Oil/Gas, Hospitality, Financial Services, Property Management, Not-for-Profit, and Professional Services.

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Hexagon EAM solutions help you with:

  • Maintenance – Schedule preventive maintenance and allocate resources where they will benefit your organisation the most
  • Reliability and risk management – Forecast equipment reliability problems so you can prevent them from happening.
  • Inventory and warranty – Reduce procurement and inventory costs, and ensure you are reimbursed on warranty-related claims.
  • Uptime – identify where and why your assets might fail, and plan substitutes.
  • Strategic planning – Manage your assets so you can meet company performance goals.

Hexagon EAM customers gain:

  • Up to 50% reduction in maintenance overtime, labour, and contractor costs
  • 20% reduction in maintenance material costs
  • 20% reduction in production downtime
  • 20% or more in energy reductions
  • 5% reduction in new equipment costs
  • 10% increase in fleet availability
  • 50% increase in warranty cost recovery
  • 50% reduction in purchasing process costs
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Capabilities of Hexagon EAM

Maximising the reliability, uptime, and performance of assets

Predicting equipment failure and performing preventative maintenance

Ability to streamline asset purchasing and procurement

Maintenance tracking and scheduling

Tracking of labour costs

Monitoring of asset condition

Ability to reduce downtime

Ability to extend asset life and increase efficiency

Managing spare parts inventory and work orders

Complying with legal and environmental regulations — a reliable EAM solution will allow you to keep track of maintenance records for presenting to authorities

Who is Hexagon EAM Best Suited to?

If you are a company in an asset-intensive industry looking for a SaaS-based flexible EAM solution with strong mobile capabilities, then Hexagon EAM is for you.

Hexagon EAM also works especially well for companies with a workforce in multiple locations as it offers features such as GPS tracking and asset location.

Hexagon EAM is also a good choice for companies who are struggling with an outdated or inflexible EAM solution, as Hexagon’s software is designed to be easily configurable and customisable.

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