SunSystems Analysis and Chart of Accounts

SunSystems Analysis and Chart of Accounts

SunSystems Analysis and Chart of Accounts Structure

SunSystems provides a unique chart of accounts and analysis structure which allows you to capture the data you need to make informed decisions. Whether it be the profitability of a certain project, employee or department, or granular analysis of expenses against your budget, SunSystems can help you answer questions to drive growth and profitability.

The flexibly of SunSystems’ analysis is, in part, the reason why SunSystems is able to cater so effectively to so many different sectors and businesses with complex and varying requirements.

SunSystems captures the analysis your organisation requires on the transaction rather than within a typical segmented chart of accounts structure that is used in other systems (e.g. 1000010 could represent a nominal and a cost centre in your existing system). SunSystems’ account structure does not require this segmented analysis, as this coding is carried out against each transaction, this in turn allows you to maintain a very flat and concise structure.

The benefit of SunSystems’ account structure is that adding and maintaining analysis becomes a lot faster and easier. Adding a new department analysis element, for example to add a new operational team, can be achieved in seconds.

Adding a completely new analysis dimension to, for example, analyse income and expenditure across a new stream of business or perhaps adding further granularity to analyse income and expenditure for employees or projects becomes a simple task and can very easily be incorporated into your reporting as well.

SunSystems can also help ensure that the data being entered is accurate and valid through the comprehensive business rules available. Business rules within SunSystems can be used to check for valid combinations, for example to check, if you were analysing transactions at an employee level, that an employee can be assigned to a particular team or project. Business rules can also be used to help speed up entry of data and default fields if there is a direct relationship, for example if an employee always sits within a particular department this could be automatically entered once the employee is selected.

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