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Powerful Accounting Software that Can Adapt to Any Organisation 

Infor SunSystems is used by thousands of organisations to manage their accounting needs. For over 30 years and across 190 countries, SunSystems has been helping organisations speed up their financial close, accurately track expenses and seamlessly connect with operational systems, giving real-time visibility of their financial performance.

SunSystems is incredibly flexible and excels when it comes to handling complexity. Whether it be transacting and reporting across multiple levels of user-definable analysis such as cost centre, project, fund or business stream, or handling intricate, multi-company or currency requirements, SunSystems provides a solution for your business needs, both current and future.

You can read more about the evolution of SunSystems, a.k.a. Sun Accounts, here.

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SunSystems Features

Infor SunSystems is a truly scalable accounting solution, so your organisation can adapt to change quickly and easily. Key features include:

Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Instantly update or create reports relevant to your organisation, based on user-defined analysis cost centres, projects, employees, locations, funds, products, or any other defined analysis. View live on the web or in Microsoft Excel.

Cloud or On-Premise

Securely access your accounting data from anywhere with our cloud deployment. For organisations that prefer to host the software themselves, SunSystems can be deployed locally, giving you complete control over your data.

Advanced Multi-Company Set-Up

Maintain unlimited companies with support for multiple charts of account structures, year-ends and analysis dimensions, with automatic consolidation to see a complete view of your organisation at any time.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly import and export both transactional data (e.g. invoices) and static data (e.g. customer details) from your CRM, Billing, HR, Membership, Donor, booking or alternate business systems with ease.

Flexible Currency Set-Up

Capable of handling even the most complex currency requirements, SunSystems supports unlimited transactional currencies as well as rates against those currencies and up to five currencies per transaction to allow to instant group consolidation. With support for revaluation out of the box.

Automated Approvals

Automate approvals for all business process, including invoice approval, employee expenses, supplier on-boarding and requests for new standing data. User-definable workflows can be approved online or via your mobile.


SunSystems Detailed Features and Benefits

Along with the benefits above, SunSystems has all the functionality you’d expect from a modern accounting solution. Standard accounting processes and functions can easily be managed, including:

  • Bank reconciliation – Seamlessly upload your bank statement and quickly reconcile it against your cashbook with automated matching criteria. Items on the bank statement that have not been entered within SunSystems can be quickly created and allocated.
  • Managing payments and cashflow – Quickly pay suppliers and reimburse employees for out-of-pocket expenses with the payment run functionality within SunSystems. With complete control over the payment selection criteria, you can choose who to pay and when, with comprehensive cashflow reporting to help you make those decisions.
  • Chase debtors – Real-time reporting gives you complete visibility of who has or has not paid, how close they are to credit limits and when payment is due. Notes on transactions can be added and reported on, giving you complete visibility of where you are in your collection process.
  • Fixed asset management – For organisations that want to manage the lifecycle of assets and automate the depreciation within your finance systems, SunSystems offers an extensive Fixed Assets module to give you visibility of your internal assets.
  • Automate the spread of revenue and costs – For organisations with complex revenue and cost apportionment requirements, SunSystems can automate the process and spread transactions based on ratios such as floorspace or headcount. Intercompany transactions can also be automated through this module.
  • Sales invoicing can be swiftly raised and sent out in batches. Alternatively, SunSystems can receive sales invoice transactions from other systems such as your CRM or billing system, through Sun’s powerful integration functionality.

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