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CCBI Metdist- Case Study

How Gold Channel Partner, FinanSys, led the way for CCBI Metdist Partnership


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CCBI Metdist Global Commodities (UK) Limited (“CCBI Metdist”), a subsidiary of CCB International Securities Limited, ultimately owned by China Construction Bank, have chosen FinanSys as their SunSystems provider.

The London Metal Exchange member, headquartered in London’s Central Business District on Old Broad Street, have undergone significant development in the last two years. CCBI Metdist’s Chief Finance Officer, Mike Thompson, explains why he chose FinanSys as their accounting provider to complement their development plans and to ensure scalability of their systems.


When looking at new accounting software, it can be challenging to find a solution that is competitive on price as well as functionality. Mike Thompson explained, “We wanted to replicate what we already do but in a better environment with a system that could be expanded for future development opportunities.”

He continued, “As with all things we needed to do some ground work on our side, and during the project we took the steps at our own required pace. There was a lot of work behind the scenes, but the project was well structured with defined steps from creating the design to implementation. The consultants were excellent, I couldn’t speak highly enough of them.”

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Selection Process

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When it came to finalising an established SunSystems provider, CCBI Metdist didn’t want to be just another client on an accounts list, “We weren’t looking for a large multi-scale provider and what FinanSys had, with their customer approach and Sun focus, fitted well for us.

SunSystems works perfectly well. Reporting is now a lot easier. It’s very easy to use and you can get exactly what you need out of it.

Mike Thompson - Chief Finance Officer

The benefits of SunSystems

SunSystems Key Features

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To keep on top of an ever-evolving market, Mike Thompson was keen to have a system that could hit the ground running. As with any approach he knew the importance of team work and what an experienced skill set can bring to the floor. “The consultants quickly understood our business needs and exactly what we were trying to achieve. The FinanSys team were very supportive.”

Powerful Reporting With previous knowledge of SunSystems, having used it in the past, there was some precedent on the solution’s capabilities. As the software over the years has been developed and enhanced to incorporate powerful reporting tools and a more streamline environment for the user, SunSystems 6.3 pleasantly surprised Mike when he decided to revisit the latest version of the solution, “I was impressed with Q&A reporting for SunSystems, and after training from the consultants, it really is saving us a lot of time. We will be using and developing the use of Q&A much more as time goes on.”

System Expansion The Finance team at CCBI Metdist were keen to have a solution that would not only fulfil current needs but could also encompass and cope with any future developments.

“The beauty of Sun is its wide functionality, our old system just wasn’t scalable for how we are looking to develop, and there is a lot more in Sun we are yet to use. I’m certainly interested in expanding the system and Sun gives us that possibility.”

SunSystems with FinanSys

Concluding his final thoughts of his experience with FinanSys, Mike said :

The team had all the right skill sets this has been evidenced by the fact that we have successfully gone live with the system. We are very happy with the result.

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SunSystems Awards and Recognitions

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