Professional Services Automation

NetSuite PSA

A Complete Solution for Maximising the Performance of Your Services Business

Professional Services Automation (PSA) from NetSuite is an end-to-end, easy-to-implement solution for managing the entire ‘bid-to-bill’ lifecycle of a service delivery business.

This cloud-native tool connects all ERP and professional services automation functionality to proficiently meet the business needs of both product and services organisations in one single system, giving them what they require to manage projects, operate efficiently, deliver quality services, and maximise resources — both traditionally and on the go.

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Features of NetSuite Professional Services Automation

NetSuite PSA is designed from the ground up with services businesses in mind, thus it offers features that service delivery companies will find useful.

  • Project Management capabilities for managing the complete lifecycle of projects and maintaining current and accurate project status.
  • Resource Management capabilities that support staffing optimisation and effective resource utilisation while keeping bench time low.
  • Project Accounting feature for easily connecting project activities with company financials, and maintaining accurate accounting and billing throughout the lifecycle of your projects.
  • Billing and Invoicing Management feature for automating one-off and complex recurring project-based invoices.
  • Timesheet Management functionality for quickly and easily capturing detailed timesheets.
  • Expense Management features allow you to better track expenses, ensure compliance, and maximise accurate expense reporting.
  • Next-generation reporting and analytical tools that deliver on-demand, real-time data.
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How Could NetSuite help your Organisation?

Key Benefits of NetSuite Professional Services Automation

NetSuite PSA can support your services business in a number of ways:

  • Increase productivity – elevate on-time project delivery, drive profitability, and increase project success rates.
  • Automating parts or all of your bidding and billing cycle helps to improve and streamline your business processes.
  • Business insights — PSA delivers real-time visibility into your services company’s performance and profitability, allowing you to view and address the needs of your business at whatever level of granularity in real-time. 
  • PSA is cloud-based, meaning you won’t have to worry about high hardware maintenance costs and upgrade hassles.
  • De-risk your projects — your team will be able to collaborate on projects, maintain project accuracy, and identify as well as resolve potential risks rapidly.
  • Time and expense management on the move — NetSuite PSA provides access to timesheets, expenses, project status, and other relevant data both traditionally and on mobile.
  • Achieve better expense and billing management by embedding your accounting into the solution.
  • Omni-business model billing gives you flexibility in the billing options including fixed fee, milestone, project completion, time-and-materials, or based on a schedule of dates.
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With a decade of successful ERP results for businesses across several industries, FinanSys’ ERP implementation expertise is unmatched.

By far, we have the most reliable ERP implementation methodology and support in the NetSuite community, manned by consultants who not only know how to do their job well but are also passionate about helping your organisation succeed.

Ready to get started with the world’s most advanced Financial and Business Management System?

NetSuite PSA Modules



Through comprehensive dashboards, analytics and reporting tools, NetSuite’s Analytics Module provides professional services organisations a clear view into their team and project performance in real-time. 

Need a better understand of your resource utilisation or your spend vs budgets? Your team can use this collaborative tool to generate personalised reports of the most important metrics, instantly.


Project Accounting

Maintaining tight project control, effectively supporting resources, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget are all important elements in achieving excellent service delivery performance as well as profit. 

With NetSuite Project Accounting, services organisations can easily connect project activities with corporate financials, assuring accurate accounting and billing throughout project lifecycles, and automates time and cost management while also providing significant reporting capabilities. 


Timesheet Management

Professional Services organisations rely on a workforce of employees that need to be able to simply and easily manage their hours via timesheets. It’s important that these timesheets are accurate and entered on time for reporting purposes. 

NetSuite’s Timesheet Management Module (TMM) allows users to update  their timesheets on both mobile and desktop in a user-friendly manner. You can calibrate the expense management and approvals features to the unique needs of your business. 


Expense Management

Expense management is crucial for any professional services organisations. NetSuite’s Expense Management Module maximises the accuracy of expense management in an easy and flexible manner that combines project management with accounting for an enhanced overall experience. 

Track compliance and more in a timely and user-friendly platform that is accessible via desktop and mobile.


Resource Management

NetSuite Resource Management (a native software within NetSuite PSA) enables teams to plan resource requirements, manage budgets and align project demands with company commitments. It helps you improve service quality and reduce costs by providing actual resource usage and desired workloads for accurate forecasting, managing subcontractor allocations, streamlining time & expense submission approvals in real-time, centralizing budget planning across multiple departments, and up-to-date reporting. 


Project Management

Reduce the risk of your projects by collaborating with team members in real-time and gain access to a view of all of your data in one place with a user-friendly project management platform, resulting in improved outcomes for your projects.


FinanSys is a full-service NetSuite Partner with a proven track record of success. We’ve been implementing ERP and financial management solutions for over two decades in a range of industries. To us, it’s not just work — we take pride in the quality of the solutions we deliver and we aren’t satisfied until your projects meet the highest standards. Our team takes keen interest in understanding your requirements and each project, large or small, is done with unmatched attention to every detail.

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