NetSuite PSA Analytics 

Gain valuable, real-time visibility into project performance 

The Reporting and Analytics module in NetSuite PSA gives you access to actionable, real-time visibility into project performance. 

It delivers powerful dashboards and reporting, as well as data analytics tools so you can get a real-time picture of your services organization. 

Professional services organizations can use NetSuite PSA’s native reporting features to track performance and project health. 

With this tool, you may see, measure and analyze overall project performance in real-time, as well as metrics like resource utilization, profit margins, budgets versus actuals, and more. These pre-configured professional services reports are fully customizable, and you can also create powerful historical and forecast reports 

This robust reporting and analytics tool delivers on-demand, real-time data, enabling you to monitor, report on and analyse project performance as they happen. 

Stakeholders, from the management team to the project manager, can instantly access personalized reports that are full of information relevant to them. 

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Key features and benefits

  • Maximise Profits. Project Profitability Reporting allows you to maximise profits and streamline operations, organisations need visibility into team and project performance. 
  • View Budgets vs. Actuals. With tools for reviewing project budgets and comparing actual and forecasted spend, you can make informed, proactive decisions. Users can view allocations of direct and indirect costs against projects, and review trends on sales revenue, customers and other metrics that matter to your organisation. 
  • Drive Project Performance. You can track and monitor project profitability together with project performance with a simple, yet powerful tool. 
  • Get Real-Time Visibility. Instantly access personalised reports and dashboards that give you and your team actionable awareness of project performance. 
  • Manage Services. Manage all services and resources centrally in your PSA. 
  • Monitor Resource Utilisation.  Be informed about how your services organisation uses resources and resources’ timesheet status. 
  • See Billing Forecasts. Get a quick grasp on your profitability and cash flow with billing forecasts based on actual estimated revenue and cost estimated by role. 
  • Understand backlogs. Track current backlogs to get a bird’s eye view of what jobs and activities are still open. 
  • Create Flexible Reports and List Views. This tool lets you save any report and view the latest, up-to-the-minute results anytime as well as sort and filter data 
  • Make Data-Driven Decisions. Metrics dashboards provide stakeholders with an overview of important KPIs and enable them to follow progress and make adjustments as needed to stay on track. 
  • Eliminate Manual Processes. Stop wasting time hunting for key metrics manually. Get rid of error and move work faster with web-based, real-time reports that deliver personalized, role-based data. 
  • Improve Collaboration. Ensure that all stakeholders are working with the same shared data. 


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