Oracle NetSuite for Insurance

Oracle NetSuite for Insurance

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Reach new levels of profitability, reliability, and operational efficiency in the cloud! 

Drive your insurance company forward and thrive in all business environments. Deliver insurance solutions and digital customer experiences in a way that puts you ahead of the competition, brings you more business, and satisfies members’ needs. Easily roll out new products, implement necessary changes from your customer-facing channels to the back office, and get real-time business insights to keep your business going in the right direction.

New levels of profitability and efficiency are attainable, but your insurance firm needs more functionality than most business and finance software offers. 

NetSuite gives you all the tools you need to streamline your back-office operations, empower your workforce, deliver trustworthy experiences, and grow your market share. With NetSuite you’ll have tools teliminate; late payments, incorrect commissions, missed policy renewals, and many other obstacles that are holding back your company from reaching its full potential. 

With this cloud business management suite implemented and supported by FinanSys, a specialist amongst insurance firms, you can modernise operations, predict risks, and accelerate every step of the process, from point of sale to policy servicing to commission reconciliation, in a single place without switching systems. 

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What Can You Do with NetSuite? 

Take your commission tracking to a whole new level with options for managing the commissions paid to your organisation by the carrier as well as the commissions owed to your producers.

Sell and service policies when and where your customers need them. Automate the processes and deliver bespoke policyholder responses while balancing self-service and assisted customer service models.

Access the information that matters most to your business including breaking down sales by office, agent, client, or policy type. View business insights in real-time, anytime and anywhere, through a cloud-based dashboard.

Power up the entire bancassurance lifecycle with real-time connectivity between banks and insurers. Partner with banks and provide customers with access to an exciting array of products and services

Take full control of premium increases with policy and financial data that let you see potential risks before they materialise. Make data-driven decisions based on accurate information accessible in a single place.

Manage pricing, billing, and collections for exchange, individual, group, ASO with stop loss, and government on a single system and in a way that members’ experiences are not shrugged off.

Create health insurance journeys with the transparent, personal service your members deserve. Deliver one-of-a-kind experiences for members by simplifying enrolments, premium billing, and claims adjudication. Administer and automate new provider contract models so your members can benefit from lower costs and a higher quality of care.

Manage any number of corporate entities within a single company database. Add new offices anywhere in the world, introduce new policy types, and still be able to manage the data and resources — and consolidate transactions — within one centralised system.

Easily and efficiently run your life and annuity insurance for individuals and groups. Consolidate underwriting, policy processing, billing, and claims all on a single system.

Our ERP solutions for insurance companies will let you meet global regulatory requirements with an approach that incorporates risk assessments as part of your compliance strategy. It lets you link systems, data, processes, and models between actuarial and accounting functions and review analytical requirements without building integrations between various point solutions.

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying! 

Why FinanSys Stands Out 

  • Experienced end-to-end provider of SunSystems and NetSuite ERP 
  • Expertise and deep knowledge of the finance sector 
  • An agile and personal approach to customer service 
  • 20+ years of experience 
  • 200+ implementations of SunSystems in 36 countries 
  • Dedicated public training courses for the SunSystems community
  • Highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community 
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Want to streamline your accounting system? 

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  • We will then present you with a tailored demonstration and quotation 

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Whitepaper: Why insurance companies belong in the cloud

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