NetSuite Expense Management

Manage Expenses Anytime, Anywhere. Maximise the accuracy and timeliness of expense processes 

The NetSuite Expense Management module helps you improve productivity and efficiency, track expenses more accurately and promptly, and maximise expense reporting accuracy and timeliness. 

This powerful expense solution automates and simplifies the entire expense cycle, including reporting, submission and approval, while integrating with project accounting and invoicing. 

To make it easy to track and submit expenses for quick reimbursement and client billing, NetSuite Expense Management makes it easy to manage the whole process in a single solution. 

One of the most-used touchpoints of your professional services automation solution is expense reports. NetSuite Expense Management makes this critical weekly task effortless, improving timeliness and accuracy with an easy-to-learn interface. 

Don’t let expenses pile up. The NetSuite mobile app allows you to quickly and easily create and submit expense reports after completing a project or task on any device, from anywhere. 

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NetSuite Expense Management Benefits 

  • Enhance Your Team’s Productivity. Expenses may be managed from anywhere -via browser or mobile device. 
  • Unlimited Customisations. This tool is flexible enough to let you customize workflows and approval processes to meet your specific requirements in accounting, expense management, and project accounting. 
  • Minimize Wasted Time While Increasing Accuracy and Efficiency. Using NetSuite ERP, you can track and report your expenses in a cost-effective manner. Expenses automatically flow into NetSuite ERP, eliminating the need for double entry of accounting data. 
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NetSuite Expense Management Features 

Expense Entry 

Expense management with customized business rules allows services organizations to group expenses from multiple projects into a single report or enter expenses on a project-by-project basis. Make expense tracking more accurate by breaking down expenses to the task level. 

Approvals and Workflows 

Create and manage expense reports throughout the project’s life cycle. Each report provides an auditable history, and you can create approval alerts for overdue expenses. When new expenses are submitted to a project and ready for approval, you’ll be immediately notified. You can also use NetSuite’s interactive project dashboards to keep track of expenditures. 

Credit Card Integration 

When a corporate AmEx card is used, the charges are imported into NetSuite immediately and automatically. The charges can be added to the expense statements, and you may modify particular things like date, description, category, and amount. Automatically send payments to American Express as expenses are authorised. 

Mobile Support 

Employees can utilise a mobile device to immediately generate and submit expense reports after finishing a project or activity. Upload images of receipts, make timesheet edits, give permissions, and take action on tasks while travelling or away from the workplace to ensure projects continue to move forward without delays. 


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