NetSuite Revenue Recognition 

Ensure that revenue is reported with assurance and precision 

Using spreadsheets to manage revenue is not an effective way to expand a business. With NetSuite revenue recognition, you can automate forecasting, allocation, scheduling, and reporting of revenue. Whether you offer products, services, or both, and whether you choose to recognise revenue over time or instantly, NetSuite can assist you in managing it efficiently. 

NetSuite offers revenue recognition capabilities to automate and streamline the process of revenue scheduling, allocation, and reporting. 

You can create recognition rules for each product or service you offer and link them to individual line items in customer contracts. The software automates revenue recognition in accordance with ASC 606, IFRS 15, and other relevant standards, based on predetermined schedules or milestones. 

Managing recurring revenue can be difficult and consuming. However, with NetSuite, you can simplify the process by automating it and ensuring accurate revenue management in compliance with current recognition standards. 

NetSuite’s automated revenue recognition and real-time financial reporting allow companies to easily achieve compliance, even with the most complicated contracts. 

This powerful tool also helps you avoid audit delays and extra fees by standardising the allocation process. 

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NetSuite Revenue Recognition Benefits 

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  • Enhanced Efficiency: By automating the entire revenue management process, NetSuite Revenue Recognition saves time and reduces the need for spreadsheets.
  • Faster Closing: With standardised allocations, rule-based revenue schedules and easy exemption management, errors are reduced, and accounting staff can focus on other closing tasks. 
  • Improved Forecasting: Real-time updates on committed, deferred and recognised revenue allow for improved forecast accuracy. 
  • Streamlined Reporting: NetSuite Revenue Recognition automatically adjusts deferred revenue and updates contract balances based on actual billings and earned revenue totals. 

NetSuite Revenue Recognition Features 

  • Allocations 
  • Rules & Schedules 
  • Revenue Plan Management 
  • Forecasting 
  • Reporting 
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