NetSuite Global Business Management 

Your entire global operations managed on a single ERP solution 

NetSuite OneWorld enables international organisations to easily manage worldwide operations, including multiple currencies, tax rules, and reporting requirements from countries and branches all while delivering real-time financial consolidation and visibility. 

Designed specifically to support your global expansion strategy, NetSuite OneWorld allows you to manage multiple subsidiaries and business units from a single ERP system. 

It comes with support for 27 languages and 190 currencies, making it simple to interact with customers and vendors all around the world. 

Its country-specific configuration helps guarantee regulatory, tax, and accounting compliance in each region. 

It gives you access to real-time insight into operational and financial performance, as well as standardizing fundamental procedures, managing risk, and controlling expenses at all levels of the business. 

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NetSuite Global Business Management Benefits 

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  • Standardize Processes. Create a similar, consistent experience for customers and employees by standardising fundamental business processes and workflows throughout the company. 
  • Streamline Reporting. Consolidation at the local, regional, and global levels improves financial statement timeliness and accuracy as you can get access information in real-time. 
  • Easier Administration. With OneWorld, you can easily integrate with existing systems at a lower cost and complexity than ever before. Remove the expense and hassle of maintaining several ERP systems in different locations, each with its own data format and disparate data standards. 
  • Achieve Financial and Operational Efficiencies. From one system, you can manage numerous subsidiaries, business units, and legal entities. When the whole organization uses the same application, metrics, and processes, people are more productive, your company functions more smoothly, and performance improves. 
  • Ensure Compliance. NetSuite OneWorld eases the burden of meeting stringent, ever-changing rules and regulations by allowing for compliance with both international standards and country-specific audit, tax, and data security legislation. 
  • Business Performance Insights. Financial consolidation and currency conversions provide you with an up-to-date picture of the company’s success, at any time or place you need the knowledge to help you make decisions. 

NetSuite Global Business Management Features

  • Multi-Currency: Compare monthly performance across all subsidiaries with currency conversions for over 190 currencies. 
  • Multi-Entity: Manage two or more entities and their related family of companies from a single, unified interface. Any time you need to look at the revenue and expenses of each business unit or subsidiary, you can easily do that with just a few clicks. 
  • Multi-Language: Access NetSuite in 27 languages, including simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, German and many more. 
  • Global Accounting and Consolidation: Manage your accounting and reporting requirements across subsidiaries, divisions and legal entities. 
  • Consolidated Financial Statements: Every transaction is automatically recorded at both the local and headquarters levels, making it easier to generate combined financial reports. 
  • Indirect Tax Management: SuiteTax is a configurable tax engine from NetSuite that automates the whole tax compliance process, saving time, reducing errors, and lowering expenses. NetSuite gives an extensive, real-time analysis of financial transactions down to the line-item tax level, with preconfigured tax codes and localised reporting for more than 110 countries. 
  • Audit and Compliance Reporting: Global and local corporations alike use NetSuite’s Risk and Compliance (GRC) solutions to ensure compliance with international IT and security standards. 
  • Electronic Payments: NetSuite’s e-payments solution, NetSuite Electronic Payments, allows you to pay vendor bills and employee expenses from anywhere in the world as well as take payments directly from customers.
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