Multi-Company Setup & Consolidation

Multi-Company Set-up and Consolidation

Unlimited companies with consolidation

SunSystems, as a truly scalable solution, supports unlimited companies across multiple countries with ease. New legal entities, or Business Units as they are referred to in SunSystems, can be set-up quickly through a simple Business Unit Copy routine.

Each Business Units within SunSystems can be unique whilst also allowing you to maintain a consolidated view. Business units, if you require them to, can have their own:

  • Individual chart of accounts  each business can be stand alone or mapped into a consolidated group chart of accountsEach business unit can also have their chart of accounts mapped and grouped to local management and statutory reporting requirements. 
  • Analysis  can be unique to each entity’s requirements, if only certain offices operate certain business streams then the appropriate analysis can be set-up as required. 
  • Currency – each business unit can support unlimited transactional currencies, which can also convert to both a local base currency as well as a group reporting currency. This allows you to see live figures across the group without having to re-state or convert currencies for reporting. 
  • Standing data  standing data such as suppliers or customers can be unique to each business unit or kept in sync if desired. 
  • Year ends – each entity can have unique periods and year-ends allowing you to support even the most complex of accounting and reporting requirements. 
  • Local Tax – each business unit also maintains support for the required local tax treatment to help ensure local compliance. 

In addition to the flexible multi-company set-up, consolidation within SunSystems is simple and can be done via two methods: 

Reporting consolidation 

The most common method of consolidation within SunSystems is done via the reporting tools. The reporting module can easily and quickly report across multiple business units. Consolidation adjustments and eliminations can either be done via targeting certain inter-company transactions or certain accounts to support instant group reporting. 

Customers that want visibility of intercompany eliminations and adjustments also have the option to maintain a separate, dedicated adjustment business unit. This can quickly be populated with the relevant transactions via targeting the relevant transactions and uploading them to the adjustment business unit. 

Physical consolidation 

SunSystems also provides support for physical consolidation of business units, rolling them up into either a single or multiple consolidation entities. Consolidation adjustments and eliminations can be also be done as part of this roll up process and this can be done on a scheduled basis as often as you require. 

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