Infor Query & Analysis

Infor Query & Analysis

Infor Query & Analysis (Infor Q&A Vision)

The Analysis and Reporting Module

Infor Query & Analysis (also known as Vision) is the reporting module for SunSystems. It allows the finance team to quickly create and run their own reports through the intuitive report designer, without the need for advanced technical skills.

Management at all levels of your organisation can be given access to the real-time information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions. Q&A provides a top-down view of your entire organisation, helping make business intelligence and reporting timely, easier and more accurate.

Infor Q&A (Vision) integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel, providing intuitive desktop reporting. This enables quick user adoption, requiring minimal training or technical skills. As it is self-service, users can get information on demand, without relying on the IT department for data.

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Infor Q&A is dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency and easy to use. Even non-technical users will be able to take advantage of its powerful, flexible, analytical capabilities, performing queries the same way across multiple applications, pulling the resulting data into a single report and drilling down to transaction line level detail.

Query and Analysis 11, the latest release from Infor, is a cloud-ready solution, using internet communication to deliver your data from a server-based query service to your desktop Excel. Infor Q&A 11 allows you to:

  • Make informed and strategic decisions with confidence
  • Drill down, breakout and expand views at transactional or summary level
  • Increase efficiency and streamline operations
  • Analyse trends, issues and opportunities often concealed in corporate data
  • Save frequently used analysis procedures for future use.

How could Infor Query & Analysis help your organisation?

The toolset includes:

Query & Analysis XL

This Microsoft Excel add-in provides a faster, easier and more flexible way to analyse business data. It’s intuitive user interface means that you don’t need to understand complicated database structures in order to be able to create reports.

Features include:

  • The ability to publish reports to the web
  • Report and query wizards
  • Cube analysis
  • Report designer
  • Extract modes for statistical reporting
  • Macro builder for automating functions
  • Security
  • One-click reporting pack regeneration.
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Query & Analysis Executive (merged with XL in Q&A11 onwards)

This is a dynamic analysis and reporting application that includes powerful analytical capabilities such as drill-down, breakout and cube analysis. These features make it easier for users to analyse trends, problems and opportunities that are often concealed within corporate transactional data.
Frequently used analysis processes can be saved and replayed in the future.

Query & Analysis Alert

Users create, edit and schedule analysis and reporting tasks that can be triggered on a time or event basis. In other words, Q&A Alert automatically manages, runs and distributes reports based on scheduled events.
This helps to identify, analyse and report on performance and trends concealed within the database, and facilitates automated report delivery.

With Infor Q&A you get intuitive analytics, business intelligence, reporting and alerting. By working in a familiar environment, your employees will be empowered to find the data they need to make informed decisions.

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