Workflows for SunSystems

Workflows for SunSystems

Workflow Management

Exclusively from FinanSys, Workflows for SunSystems allows organisations to take advantage of the leading workflow automation and management tool Workflows, to improve workflow management.

Many processes within organisations have workflows that require management. However, many workflows are filled with labour-intensive tasks that are prone to errors, require a great deal of time, and are costly.

Workflows for SunSystems, exclusively from FinanSys, eliminates the manual processes and provides a cloud-based, intuitive automated business workflow solution that is rapid, accurate, and relatively inexpensive.

FinanSys have developed a number of standard workflow solutions and a unique interface with SunSystems meaning data is passed seamlessly between the two solutions on a real-time basis.

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Benefits of Workflows for SunSystems

Workflows for SunSystems provides organisations with a number of benefits:

Simple Intuitive Displays

Simple, intuitive screens with a mobile app for iOS and Android mean users can approve workflows on-the-go and minimal training is required

Cloud Hosting

With hosting in the cloud, organisations realise a lower cost of ownership and easy, secure access from anywhere

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with SunSystems means account and analysis codes can be read live from SunSystems and upon approval, items can update Sun immediately

Attach Documents

Documents can be attached to workflows and passed to Sun, saving space and time on document storage and retrieval

Streamlined Workflows

Sophisticated workflows which replicate and enhance your organization’s processes and policies

The workflows we have developed include:

  • Journal approvals
  • Supplier/customer approval
  • Purchase approvals
    • Requisitions
    • Purchase orders
    • Goods/service receipting
    • Purchase invoice approval (with attachment)
    • Inventory
  • Ad-hoc payment approvals
  • Budget and forecasting collections and approval
  • Static data approval
    • Transaction analysis
    • Project Approvals
    • Accounts
    • Asset on-boarding
  • Contract management
  • Employee expense management

    • Expense approvals
    • Credit card statement approval
    • Travel management
  • Intercompany
  • Sales invoicing with approvals
  • Financial reporting approval
  • Employee approvals (new starters and leavers)

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