NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation

NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation

Streamline and Automate Your Entire Marketing Effort.

Marketing automation shouldn’t be a scary prospect.  A software solution like NetSuite CRM can help you make light work of time consuming tasks. 

The Marketing Automation web tool is a part of NetSuite’s CRM suite of software. It is built to allow you to develop and execute successful marketing campaigns to generate highly qualified leads that are ready for sales engagement. You can get powerful insights for your leads so you can decide who deserves priority attention. 

The Marketing Automation software is able to automate your entire marketing process, giving you the tools needed to more effectively align marketing campaigns with your sales teams. This powerful, cloud-based digital marketing takes the complexity and opacity out of lead qualification and conversion. 

It comes with built-in tools for targeting, building, executing and measuring the success of marketing campaigns. You can utilise it as an integrated marketing tool to track and measure a prospect’s activity, identify when a lead meets known buyer-readiness standards, and pass the lead on to sales as soon as it fulfils your pre-determined criteria. 

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  • Streamline, organise and run your marketing campaigns across many channels, including websites, emails, social media, and events. 
  • Create a way for marketing and sales staff to collaborate to meet certain objectives, such as converting leads into clients as soon as possible. 
  • Reduce sales cycle length by providing prospects with highly relevant material at the right time, prompting them through the purchase process. 
  • Take your campaign to the next level with powerful analytics that gives you real-time insights into campaign performance and return on investment. 

Features of NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation

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  • Create, manage, and track highly targeted marketing campaigns. Manage end-to-end mass email campaigns, including database management, target list development, email personalisation, and SPAM-compliant auto-unsubscribe capabilities. 


  • Get comprehensive knowledge of your marketing campaigns -by program type, lead source, and promotions-in real-time. Track lead-to-revenue performance to evaluate the return on investment of lead generation campaigns. 


  • Make use of a simple, drag-and-drop interface to develop landing pages and build forms for capturing quality leads. Create reusable templates to give your site a consistent appearance and feel. For quick sales follow up, form submission immediately generates leads in the CRM system. 


  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) for websites: Create search-engine-friendly sites that connect with your consumers in the early stages of the purchase process and get top ranks in search engines for dynamically generated web pages. 


  • Provide a smooth and seamless customer experience across your marketing channels. No matter how customers interact with you, through a web browser or a mobile app, you can track their behaviour and measure the success of each interaction. 
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