SuiteCommerce Point of Sale (SuiteCommerce InStore) 

Improve Your sales and Profitability by Selling Where Your Customers Are 

Sales and distribution of your goods are simplified with Oracle NetSuite Point of Sale. This tool allows you to sell where your customers are – in person, online, over the phone, or out in the field. From a single platform, support both online stores and in-house sales while also offering your customers the flexibility to purchase goods online, over the phone, or in person. 

Sales data can be seamlessly rolled up into NetSuite so you can track and measure your business as a whole. When it comes to inventory, SuiteCommerce InStore enables you to purchase and assign inventory levels automatically, streamlining the entire process. 

Consumers demand to be able to move freely between online and physical shopping channels, thanks to mobile devices, social media, and the prevalence of information technology. 

SuiteCommerce InStore allows merchants to combine the physical and digital buying experiences into a single, unified platform. 

This solution was built with mobile in mind and is designed to help your sales staff better engage consumers and increase revenue by easily accessing up-to-date inventory data as well as customer information at their fingertips. 

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Key Benefits

  • Create a single location where you store all of your customer information 
  • Role-based security that can help you prevent fraud 
  • With a user-friendly interface, you’ll be able to increase productivity 
  • Gain valuable insights into your inventory and fulfilment 
  • Transform the store with a single, integrated commerce platform that works for all channels 
  • Provide a custom shopping experience that is both personal and smooth 
  • Give salespeople the tools and information they need to assist and engage customers 
  • With an “endless aisle” of goods, you can maximise profits by providing more product alternatives and better convenience 
  • Online insights into user attitudes and behaviours 

Key Features

  • Traditional POS with all the bells and whistles 
  • Responsive design and touchscreen tablet UI screen 
  • Omnichannel servicing that supports customer service at every stage of the customer journey 
  • Real-time visibility into all inventory held across the company 
  • Customer profiles in 360 degrees, including access to a timeline display of purchases, returns, and support requests 
  • Business intelligence and reporting are built-in 
  • Dynamic merchandising including upsells, cross-sells and related product recommendations 
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