NetSuite Warehouse Management

Manage warehouse operations better 

If you’re relying on spreadsheets, or worse pen and paper, warehouse management may quickly become a manual, chaotic, and inefficient process with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs to handle, especially if you have several locations. 

NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimises the day-to-day management of warehouse operations, eliminating manual processes and allowing you to minimise handling costs, run your warehouses more efficiently and consistently meet customer expectations. 

This system uses industry-leading techniques such as mobile RF barcode scanning, defined picking and putaway procedures, task management, return authorisation receipts, and cycle count plans. 

It is also powered by bespoke, user-defined methods and sophisticated technologies like wave management, cartonisation, cycle count planning, real-time inventory updates, and shipping system integrations. 

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NetSuite Warehouse Management Benefits 

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  • Optimised and Quicker Data Capture with Strong Accuracy. When goods are sent, a mobile device ensures that the item, lot, and serial numbers are recorded correctly. 
  • Improved Inventory Visibility. Keep track of your inventory in real-time as items enter, move throughout, and exit the warehouse. 
  • Better Space Utilisation. Ensure that your goods have adequate storage and are readily accessible, as well as keep the fastest-moving items near fulfilment points. 
  • Boost Labour Productivity. Users are directed to execute critical activities, such as receiving and storing things, as quickly as possible using mobile devices. 
  • Increased Order Fill Rates and Accuracy. To optimize fulfilment processes, use efficient pick paths and opportunistic multi-order picking. 
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction. With data validation, you may speed up the delivery of purchases and minimise mis-picks and incorrect fulfilment. 

NetSuite Warehouse Management Features 

Order Fulfilment 

Ensure that orders are filled efficiently and correctly using wave release and smart pick-and-pack strategies for single- and multi-order picking. 

Inbound Logistics 

Predefined putaway strategies and mobile receiving see to it that items are received correctly, relevant data is collected and recorded, and items are stored in a way that best utilises warehouse space. 

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Bin Management 

Oracle NetSuite WMS has bins as part of its inventory management solution. NetSuite also allows locations without bins, such as retail shops and small warehouses, to benefit from the efficiency of mobile picking without the overhead of bin management. 

Mobile Warehouse Management 

Users can do simple daily tasks associated with receiving, putting away, selecting, and packing items directly from their phones using the NetSuite WMS mobile app. This increases efficiency, reduces human error, and provides real-time insight to the data. 

Mobile Processing 

Warehouse processes become more efficient when completed on a mobile device, resulting in increased inventory accuracy and reduced time spent searching for and handling items. 

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