SunSystems Solutions

SunSystems Solutions

SunSystems is the market leading accounting software used by over 9,000 organisations globally. SunSystems provides organisations with unrivalled analysis, reporting, integration to other systems and outstanding multi-currency and multi-company functionality.

FinanSys, as a leading SunSystems partner, provides customers with the complete solution, from understanding your organisation’s requirements, to configuration, training and support with options for cloud hosting.

FinanSys’ vision is driven by an informed, customer-centric approach to every aspect of the services we provide. This manifests itself in a variety of areas within the company – our support desk for example has the highest ratio of support staff to customers within the SunSystems community which means our customers have immediate access to highly experienced Sun Accounting Software support consultants whenever they are needed.

Our approach to training is another example of our customer-centric focus and as a result, FinanSys is the only UK SunSystems partner that provides regular classroom training courses, open to anyone within the community.

Our vision is, to give all our customers the best service to be found in the SunSystems community by concentrating all our efforts and energy purely on Infor and SunSystems.


SunSystems Accounting Software

Powerful and flexible, SunSystems adapts to the needs of any organisations and handles complexity brilliantly. 

Infor Query & Analysis

The reporting module for SunSystems. Finance teams quickly create and run their own reports through the intuitive report designer, without the need for advanced technical skills.


Reporting not just for the finance team but the whole organisation. Reports can sit over SunSystems and any other business system to give you the full picture. 

Process Automation for SunSystems

Process Automation for SunSystems eliminates manual processes and provides a cloud-based, intuitive automated solution that is rapid, accurate, and relatively inexpensive.

FinanSys Bank Payments

This is an easy to use payment management tool, designed to meet global banking requirements including the complexities of international EFT.

FinanSys Cloud

SunSystems Hosting on FinanSys Cloud has been fine-tuned to scale seamlessly, for the growing needs and changing landscape of your business.

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